The best publishing I've ever been


The best publishing I've ever been with. They've fulfilled everything they said they would do from the beginning. I'm not a bestselling author yet but I'm doing 20x better than I was with my previous publishing company.

Andrew Garcia

Helpful and professional.


They are doing a fine job of doing what they said they are going to do. A knowledgeable staff that works with you. I have three books published with them and there is a vast improvement over other publishers I have had.

Rocco Scibetta

Top Publisher. Had the best experience

Had the best experience with the Publishing process of my book. Rushmore Press worked me through from manuscript editing, book cover design, to marketing my book. Had me featured together with all authors on the Rushmore Press Club website for all authors. Great media exposure, book signing, and tv interviews. My testimonial and review, get your book published with their Author Ambassador Program.

Thomas Ianne

Rushmore Press is life changing

One of the best decisions I made in my life as an author. With my previous publisher I was not making anything at all. They would just ask for more money until I have none left for myself. And months passed, this company contacted me and save me from my past decision. they are very good in handling partner authors. Since I published with them, I have never been so happy before. I am doing a hundred more times better than before. Thank you so much Rushmore Press! I can't wait to work with you with my other books in the future!

Ed Bridges